Internet Weight-Loss Hucksters| Swiped Rival’s Photos, Couple Says

     NASHVILLE (CN) – A married couple who posted their own pictures on their business Web site to advise women how to lose weight after pregnancy claim Synetgy dba Astor Ridge Nutrition swiped the photos and posted them on Synetgy’s Web site, with false testimonials, claiming the plaintiffs lost weight with defendant’s product, Zylorin.

     Plaintiffs Amber and Robert Krueger also sue Chozyn LLC dba eHealthNutrition – Health Web Shopping in Federal Court. Plaintiffs run the Web site, from which the defendants allegedly stole the photos and reposted them with false testimonials.
     The Kruegers demand destruction of the offending items and punitive damages for distress, violations of consumer laws, unfair competition, misappropriation, privacy invasion, false light, and trademark violations. They are represented by Bowen Riley Warnock & Jacobson. See complaint.

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