Info Sought on Clinton’s Personal Email Policy

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Just after announcing plans to run for president, Hillary Clinton was hit with a federal complaint over her decision to use only private email accounts and servers to do her work as U.S. Secretary of State.
     Competitive Enterprise Institute, a D.C.-based public policy research and educational institute, says the State Department has failed to produce the documents it requested under the Freedom of Information Act regarding Clinton’s admitted use of unofficial emails.
     The group allegedly filed two FOIA requests last month requesting copies of documentation related to any information technology training provided to Clinton, and all separation documentation completed by Clinton and two former aides, as well as cybersecurity-training documentation for the three of them.
     CEI’s requests came after the State Department publicly acknowledged that Clinton exclusively used private email communications for her work correspondence, in apparent violation of the Federal Records Act.
     Major media outlets further reported that two of Clinton’s senior aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, also used personal email accounts for official correspondence.
     CEI’s March 3 and March 12 FOIA requests asked for documents that would ascertain whether Clinton acknowledged or accepted State Department policies regarding the use of electronic communications and information technology, and sought confirmation of whether Clinton had State Department-issued instant messaging. They also inquired whether Clinton, Abedin and Mills completed or declined to complete any cybersecurity training.
     The State Department acknowledged receipt of both CEI’s FOIA requests, and granted the institute’s request of fee waivers. CEI says the agency has failed, however, to provide it with any substantive response about the status of the requests or the scope of documents that may be provided within its 20-day deadline, March 31 and April 9, respectively.
     CEI cites reports from the media that Clinton’s private accounts were established immediately prior to her confirmation hearing.
     The State Department has allegedly declined to comment or respond to requests as to whether Clinton took or refused the annual cybersecurity training.
     CEI notes that a department spokesperson has publicly said that the State Department has not located any record of Clinton’s required separation forms, but the department has not said that to CEI in response to its FOIA request.
     Abdein’s separation forms are the subject of a U.S. Senate inquiry, according to the complaint.
     CEI filed its complaint Tuesday, just days after Clinton announced that she will run for president. The group seeks an injunction to compel the State Department to produce the requested records for CEI within 10 days of a court order.

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