Indian National Party Sues Gandhi Group

     FREEHOLD, N.J. (CN) – The Indian National Overseas Congress says it was defamed by the Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation in an ad in The New York Times that says Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi “looted the country on a large scale,” while also labeling the Indian National Congress Party as “pro-terrorist.”

     Plaintiffs claim the full page ad on page 11 of the Oct. 6, 2007 Times contains a number of defamatory statements: baseless allegations about “Sonia’s violence;” that she falsely claimed to have graduated from Cambridge; that she formerly worked as an au pair; that her son, Rahul, was “detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston in 2001;” and that the Indian National Congress Party is “pro-terrorist,” has “religious intolerance similar to the Taliban,” and “was involved in the UN oil for food scam that helped Saddam Hussein.”
     Plaintiffs are represented in Monmouth County Court by Andrew Miller with Karasik & Associates of Newark.

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