Imposter Attorney Accused of Stealing $31K

     NASHVILLE (CN) – A theater producer was duped by a woman posing as an entertainment lawyer, who kept more than $31,000 of the $40,000 he wired to her to fund his play, the producer claims in Davidson County Court.

     Kenneth Dozier claims he met Majorie Tansil through attorney Ed Kindall, after Dozier inquired about finding an attorney for his entertainment company, Nairobi Café.
     Tansil allegedly said she could help him with contracts, and suggested he ask his cousin, a doctor, to invest $40,000 in his play. The plaintiff claims she never told him she wasn’t a lawyer.
     Dozier had his cousin wire the money to Tansil’s business account at Wachovia bank, he claims, with the understanding that Tansil would immediately give the full amount to Nairobi Café.
     She disbursed a little more than $4,000, but then her checks started to bounce, the lawsuit claims, including an $8,500 check with Kindall’s forged signature.
     Dozier was able to recover another $4,500 with the help of an attorney, but claims that Tansil, “to this day, cannot account for what she did with over $31,000 of the money wired to her.”
     Dozier demands at least $50,000 in damages. He is represented by Lorraine Wade.

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