Hunt for Toxins Crossed the Line, Woman Says

     SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – After a patient dozed off during a massage, she awoke horrified to find her acupuncturist sucking on her breasts and vagina, telling her, “I have to take the toxins out,” the woman claims in court.
     Dacia Ayala sued Chan Joon Park, Union Acupuncture & Natural Healing Clinic, and New Life Acupuncture & Natural Healing Clinic in Orange County Court.
     Ayala says she sought acupuncture from defendant Park based on her mother’s positive experience as his patient. Her first visit consisted of “cupping” treatments and a massage on her bare back, she says in the complaint.
     On her second visit, Park “showed plaintiff an anatomy book and directed plaintiff that she rub her breasts and tummy when [she] is at home. Park then had plaintiff completely disrobe and stand up naked in front of Park, and Park told plaintiff to pray as he applied acupuncture needles to her person. Park talked a lot about self-affirmation and praying to plaintiff. Park had plaintiff lay on her back, and Park began to massage and palpitate plaintiff’s breasts and body,” according to the complaint.
     Ayala went back for a third time, during which Park massaged her naked body, “this time going below the waist and to her inner thighs, and also slipping his hands in between her buttocks,” she states in the complaint.
     At some point during her visits, Park told Ayala to tell him that she was only 16 years old, she says in the complaint.
     During Ayala’s fourth visit, she says, she and Park were alone in the office. He had her disrobe, put oil all over her body and massaged her. She dozed off and Park lifted her arms and massaged her breasts, she says in the complaint.
     Then, according to the 17-page lawsuit: “Park began sucking on plaintiff’s breast when plaintiff awoke to her shock and horror. She began to protest and Park tried to assure plaintiff that everything was going to be okay. Park then continued to touch plaintiff by putting his hands on her vagina and inserting his finger into plaintiff’s vagina, while at the same time he put his mouth on her vagina. Plaintiff screamed and pushed Park away and screamed ‘no.’ Plaintiff was frozen and crying. Park told plaintiff that it was okay and told plaintiff ‘I have to take the toxins out.’
     “Park told plaintiff to get up so he could apply needles to her. Plaintiff was in fear for her life at this point, alone in the room with Park who had needles at his disposal and within his reaches and/or already in his grasp. She was so scared, she didn’t know what Park would do to her. Someone showed up in the office, and Park immediately left the room. Plaintiff got her clothes on and left. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Plaintiff was supposed to go pick up her son. Plaintiff got in her car and screamed. Plaintiff called her sister in law … and told her what happened. Plaintiff saw a police officer across the street, so she flagged him down, Officer T. Gilbert, Id. No. 1429. Plaintiff told Officer Gilbert that she had just been sexually assaulted. Officer Gilbert tried to calm plaintiff down. Gilbert went to the office and talked with Park’s partner in the office. Gilbert took a report and confirmed who was Park. Other police officers arrived on the scene and arrested Park.”
     Ayala was taken to the hospital to have a rape kit test done, she says in the complaint.
     She seeks punitive damages for professional negligence, sexual battery, medical battery, failure to obtain informed consent, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Dana L. Douglas with Douglas & Lopez, of Orange.

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