‘Household’ Defined|for Energy Conservation

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Department of Energy has defined the term “household” in relation to the regulation of household electronics for energy efficiency.
The department can only regulate consumer products whose energy use exceeds 100 kilowatt hours per household.
           The department defines “household” as an individual or group that resides in a particular housing unit, and, in turn, defines “housing unit” as “a house, an apartment, a group of rooms, or a single room occupied as separate living quarters, but [that] does not include group quarters.”
     The regulation further defines “separate living quarters” as a place where people live in a separate space from others and to which they have access without going through the living space of others, and “group quarters” is defined as living quarters occupied by an institutional group of 10 or more unrelated persons.
     Click the document for this regulation and others.

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