Home Purchase Scams

     Jamie Johnson, G. First Lending, Robert Hanson Jr., Gregory Harrison, and Wells Fargo Bank National Association are accused of defrauding a woman of her home in a foreclosure rescue scam, in King County Court, Seattle.

     A poor and disabled claims The Property Exchange and others defrauded and defamed her by promising her a low-interest mortgage loan, then using her as a straw buyer in a real estate scam. Here are the defendants in Alameda County Court, Oakland: The Property Exchange, Stephen Ratliff, Gus Pardee Little, Marvin Gardens Real Estate III, Meridee Carter, Stephen Schneider, Lillian Javius, L.J. Jennings, Jimmie Cry III, Emil Cry, Danny Sumbler, Sumbler Construction, Chicago Title Co., Homecomings Financial LLC, and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.

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