Hey, Those Are My Diamonds, Jeweler Says

     DALLAS (CN) – A Dallas jeweler demands the return of two big diamonds he says were burglarized from his store two years ago, and turned up in Hong Kong.
     Henry Kostman sued the Gemological Institute of America; Gem Corporation (HK), of Hong Kong; and Seyed Ahamed, of Kowloon, in Dallas County Court.
     Kostman says that in 1998, his jewelry store sent a 4.51 carat diamond to the Gemological Institute, of Carlsbad, Calif., for grading.
     In 1999, he says he sent it a 6.02 carat diamond for grading.
     He claims both stones were stolen when his jewelry store was burglarized in September 2010.
     Both stones reappeared in June this year when defendants Gem Corp. and Ahamed presented them to the Hong Kong office of the Gemological Institute for grading, Kostman says.
     “Upon examining the diamonds, defendant GIA determined that the characteristics of the diamonds presented by defendant GEM HK and Ahamed were identical in every aspect to the diamonds as previously presented by plaintiff Kostman for grading,” the complaint states.
     Kostman says that based on his competing claims on the diamonds, GIA is willing to interplead and hold the diamonds until the court determines ownership.
     Hong Kong-based defendants Gem HK specializes in importing and exporting diamonds, diamond manufacturing and jewelry watch manufacturing, the complaint states.
     Kostman, dba Henry Kostman Fine Jewelry, in business in Dallas since 1969.
     Kostman seeks a declaration and injunction ordering GIA to hold or return the diamonds to him.
     He is represented by Charles Kaplan with Kaplan Moon.

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