Guard Claims Britney Sexually Harassed Him

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A security guard claims Britney Spears sexually harassed him by repeatedly “summoning” him to her room “for no other purpose or reason than to expose her naked or near naked body” to him. Fernando Flores claims Spears twice summoned him to her room and met him “stark naked.” He also claims she took his belt and used it to beat one of her children, and made the kids vomit by forcing them to eat food to which they were allergic.

     Flores sued Spears and Advanced Security Concepts, both of whom hired him in February this year, according to his Superior Court complaint.
     The 8-page complaint describes several incidents in which Spears allegedly exposed herself to Flores, often in her bedroom. He claims she twice ordered him to come to see her in 15 minutes, and not be late, and both times greeted him naked. The second time, he says, “After an awkward silence, during which defendant just stood naked before plaintiff, plaintiff asked defendant Spears if the needed anything. After some hesitation, defendant Spears asked plaintiff to get her two bottles of 7 Up.”
     When he complained to his boss at Advanced Security, he says the man told him, “You know you liked it.”
     He adds: “In addition to exposing herself to plaintiff, defendant Spears engaged in numerous sex acts in front of plaintiff, including but not limited to, having sexual intercourse.”
     Flores says that part of his duties as security guard at Spears’ home included playing with and supervising her two young children. He claims that “Spears on a number of occasions perpetrated extreme and outrageous conduct” against her kids, in his presence.
     On one Saturday morning shift, he says, Spears demanded that he remove his belt and give it to her. He says he did so and promptly called her elder son, Sean Preston, whom he then heard “screaming in terror and pain”. He says he “saw defendant Spears at least twice savagely hitting the small child with plaintiff’s belt.” He says he was “horrified and deeply disturbed by this,” and adds that “Spears never returned plaintiff’s belt.”
     Flores claims that “during a stay at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood,” Spears fed her sons crabmeat, though she, her nanny, and Flores “all knew that her two small sons had serious and even life threatening allergies to seafood.” He says that “when both boys started vomiting, defendant Spears explicitly prevented plaintiff and the children’s nanny from seeking medical care for the children. On another occasion, when plaintiff admonished defendant Spears not to feed her children items to which they had food allergies, she forcefully replied, ‘Mind your own fucking business!'”
     And he claims that “On more than one occasion defendant Spears in the presence of plaintiff proclaimed to her young song, ‘Mommy is white trash!’ Her boys would then ask plaintiff what that meant and plaintiff was too ashamed to tell them.”
     Flores seeks exemplary damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and sexual harassment. He is represented by Stephen Dial.

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