Groups Defend Lynx From Maine Trappers

     BANGOR, MAINE (CN) – The State of Maine is illegally allowing endangered Canada lynx to be caught and killed in illegal leghold traps, two environmental groups claim in Federal Court.

     The Animal Welfare Institute and the Wildlife Alliance of Maine sued the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner Roland Martin. Plaintiffs claim that at least six of the eight Canada lynx caught during the 2007 season were captured in traps that were smaller than permitted by a consent decree.
     “More trapped lynx were reported in the one month period after the consent decree was entered into and trap restrictions were put in place than during the entire trapping seasons over the previous two years,” the complaint states.
     Plaintiffs claim the state is violating the Endangered Species Act by allowing trapper to take and kill threatened Canada lynx. They seek an injunction. They are represented by Judith Brawer of Boise, Idaho, and Lynne Williams of Bar Harbor, Maine.

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