Greyhound Sued by Daniel Boone

     RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) – Daniel Boone claims in court that he was injured when a mentally disturbed passenger grabbed the wheel of a traveling Greyhound bus, after police had confiscated “8 knives, brass knuckles, and screwdrivers” from the man, who claimed that “he was trying to disarm a bomb on the bus.”
     Daniel Boone sued Greyhound Lines and Does 1-25 in Riverside County Court.
     Doe 1 is the bus driver.
     Boone says he was riding the bus from San Antonio to Riverside on Oct. 5, 2011, when another passenger started causing trouble on Interstate 20.
     In Howard County, Texas, “a passenger named Charles Scroggins, who was obviously mentally disturbed, began to deface his seat area with a long sharp knife while the bus was in transit,” according to the complaint.
     Someone called the police, who detained Scroggins, “and a bag containing at least 8 knives, brass knuckles, and screwdrivers was confiscated by police,” the complaint states.
     “Mr. Scroggins’s explanation for possessing this weaponry was that he was trying to disarm a bomb on the bus,” the complaint continues. “Despite these obvious signs of mental derangement, Mr. Scroggins was permitted by Greyhound’s Doe bus driver to reboard the bus and sit directly behind the driver and continue on his way to San Diego, CA. Less than 20 minutes into the next leg of the trip, Mr. Scroggins attempted to grab the wheel from the driver while the bus was in motion, in an attempt to get off the bus because he ‘saw three men with guns in the overhead compartment of the bus.’ It is obvious that Greyhound never should have let Mr. Scroggins back on the bus after the initial incident with the knife, and that Greyhound breached its heightened duty of care owed to its passengers on account of Greyhound being a ‘common carrier’ by allowing Scroggins to reboard.”
     Boone claims he was injured when Scroggins’s acts made Boone “fly violently out of his seat, causing significant/permanent personal injuries.”
     He seeks at least $25,000 in damages.
     He is represented by Dylan Pollard with Pollard Bailey, of Beverly Hills.

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