Grazing in Modoc Forest Challenged in Fed Court

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – The Forest Service allows illegal livestock grazing in Modoc National Forest, though its own studies show that grazing endangers the greater sage grouse, the Western Watersheds Project claims in Federal Court.

     The environmental group says grazing damages grouse habitat on the Tucker Allotment, five pastures in the Modoc Forest. Western Watersheds wants the greater sage grouse listed as endangered.
     The five pastures at issue are next to Clear Lake, home to two species of endangered fish, shortnose suckers and Lost River suckers. The fish live along the shoreline, where livestock wade, trampling the fish and their habitat, the lawsuit states.
     The plaintiffs say the sage grouse is an indicator species, which shows the health of the surrounding sagebrush habitat.
     Western Watersheds wants an injunction stopping grazing on the Tucker Allotment. It is represented by Samuel Alberstadt.

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