Gotta Get to Court!

     REDDING, Calif. (CN) – Officers caught a truck thief red-handed, and he said he stole the truck for a court date on another vehicle theft case, the Redding Police Department said.
     Redding, pop. 89,000, is in the Sacramento Valley, in North Central California.
     Corporal Chris Smyrnos told Courthouse News that 69-year-old John Westberg was working indoors when he heard his 1989 Ford Ranger start up. Seeing the Ranger driving down the street, Westberg called police, Smyrnos said.
     Officers arrested 21-year-old Michael Heller 20 minutes later, driving the truck, the corporal said.
     “Heller admitted to officers that he stole Westberg’s truck because he needed a ride to court for an unrelated stolen vehicle case. Heller was arrested for vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle and was booked at the Shasta County Jail,” the Redding Police Department said in a statement .

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