Goldman Sachs COO Trump’s Pick for Economic Post

WASHINGTON (CN) – President-elect Donald Trump has offered a key economic position in his incoming administration to Goldman Sachs president and COO Gary Cohn, CNBC reported Friday.

According to the report, Trump has offered Cohn the chance to lead the National Economic Council, an organization that is, among other tasks, tasked with “implementation of the president’s economic policy agenda.”

It is not clear if Cohen will accept the job, according to CNBC.

If he does accept, Cohn would be the third Goldman Sachs alum to take a job in Trump’s administration, seemingly at odds with the future president’s campaign message that frequently targeted an economy and government Trump said was “rigged” against the average American in favor of Wall Street.

Trump previously tapped former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin as his Treasury secretary and Steve Bannon, a top Trump campaign adviser who will join him in the White House, once worked at the firm as an investment banker.

Frequent Wall Street critic Sen. Bernie Sanders mocked the pick in a tweet Friday morning, saying “it’s called a rigged economy and this is how it works.”

Cohn has worked at Goldman Sachs for 25 years. According to Politico, he is a registered Democrat and donated to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008 before supporting Marco Rubio in the Republican primaries.

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