Georgia Clothing Company Claims Kanye Ripped Off Its Designs

(CN) – A Georgia-based clothing manufacturer claims in court that rapper Kanye West’s clothing line ripped off its camouflage patterns.

In a federal complaint filed in Columbus, Georgia on March 15, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises claims West’s Yeezy Apparel incorporated Jordan’s copyrighted camouflage patterns into its products without authorization.

The lawsuit alleges that Yeezy is aware that the plaintiff is the owner of a copyright for the camouflage patterns in question and says defendant “YAL is not a licensee of JOEL in any manner whatsoever.”

According to the complaint filed by Daniel Warren of the Atlanta-based Eversheds Sutherland, a representative for Yeezy reached out to the plaintiff about the use of the patterns in March 2016 and was told that they would need to submit a licensing application to be permitted to use the patterns.

Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges Yeezy’s Terms and Conditions on its website contain false and misleading statements regarding the patterns it uses.

One example referenced in the lawsuit is Yeezy’s Camouflage Boxy Fit Hoodie, which the plaintiff company claims rips off its Realtree Advantage Classic camouflage pattern.

The complaint features alleged photographic evidence of the defendant’s patterns alongside the patterns it is accused of ripping off. One of the photographs features West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, wearing the camouflage pants on Jan. 12. Other pictures feature Yeezy’s boots and T-shirts.

Defendant UNKWN is named in the lawsuit for selling the Yeezy apparel in question.

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises seeks unspecified damages.

A representative of Yeezy Apparel could not immediately be reached for comment.

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