Gas War Gets Personal in Milwaukee

     MILWAUKEE (CN) – Talk about a gas war – a gas station owner says a competitor stole four nozzles from his pumps – and that a Milwaukee police officer saw two of the hot nozzles at his rival’s convenience store – one on the front counter and one attached to a pump.

     Daljit Kler claims Manjit Singh, who runs the station two blocks down the street, “by himself, or by direction to one of defendant’s agents,” swiped the nozzles from his pumps Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 8.
     Kler claims the thefts were carried out over four days in January 2007. He says a Milwaukee police officer saw nozzles No. 3 on the front counter of Singh’s business, and saw No. 5 “attached to a gasoline pump at the defendant’s business.”
     The rival gas stations are two blocks away from each other, on West Fond du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee.
     Kler says Singh’s actions were “malicious” and “intentional.” He seeks punitive damages for trespass and receipt of stolen property.
     He is represented in Milwaukee County Court by Paul Oberer of Chicago.

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