FTC Considers Speed Up For Generic Drugs

     The Federal Trade Commission announced this week that it will hold two public workshops for comment on speeding up approval of generic biologic drugs.
     The event comes as a response to the increased application of competition and consumer protection law to health-care. The FTC will discuss the market effects of a speedier generic biologic drug approval, with particular regard to how this will affect competition.
      The Food and Drug Administration already has an expedited approval process for generics of traditional drugs, but it lacks the same for biologic drugs, which are harvested from living organisms.
      Since generics are only allowed to be produced after the initial drug patent expires, a speedier approval process for generic biologic drugs is expected to alter market competition.
      The FTC also seeks to discuss the competitive significance of qualitative health-care information from the point of the customer.
     The workshops and roundtables will be held in Washington D.C. The FTC will soon announce the dates of these events, as well as detailed agendas. All information will be available on its website.

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