Forklift Mishap Leads to $7M Lawsuit

     (CN) – A Norfolk, Va. woman is seeking $7 million from a prominent local shipbuilder after she was run down by a forklift while exiting a port-a-john on its property.
     On May 22, 2015, Angelia Kimmel was an employee of Allied Research, a company engaged in a project on a pier belonging to BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair.
     In a complaint filed the Norfolk City Circuit Court, Kimmel says that shortly before noon on that day, she used a port-a-john on the pier, and was just stepping out of it when a BAE employee ran her down with a forklift.
     Kimmel says “defendant BAE, through its agents, servants, and employees, knew or should have foreseen the danger to pedestrians created by forklifts and/or other machinery traveling near port-a-john’s on Pier No. 1 … and had sufficient time in which to make the aforesaid premises safe for her visit.”
     Kimmel says as a result of the accident, she suffered physical pain and mental suffering and has been permanently disfigured.
     Karl Johnson, director of communications platforms and services for BAE System, said he had not heard of any lawsuit being filed and was not able to comment.
     Kimmel is represented by Lance Jackson of Montagna, Klein, Camden LLP in Norfolk.

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