Fonts In The News

     BROOKLYN (CN) – Turner Entertainment Group and the Cartoon Network violated copyright by using four type fonts in three software products, Font Diner claims in Federal Court. Font Diner, based in Eau Claire, Wisc., which conducts its business on the Internet, claims Turner used the fonts on its “Squirrel Boy” and “Camp Lazlo” programs.

     Font Diner claims the fonts violated were Holiday Ranch and Mister Television, in its Casino Buffet Font Set; Chicken Basket font in its County Fair Picnic Font Set and FontDinerDotCom font and Font Set.
     Font Diner customers download fonts from its Web site, with end user agreements. It demands $300,000 in compensatory damages, and other damages. It is represented in Federal Court by Frank Martinez with Smith, Valliere & Martinez, of Manhattan.
     (The explosion of fonts in computer products and Web pages can be traced to Steve Jobs’ delight in Professor Lloyd Reynolds’ calligraphy class at Reed College. When Jobs founded Apple computer with Stephen Wozniak, Jobs insisted upon giving Apple users a choice of a wide range of fonts. Competing computer makers – the rest of the world – felt obliged to follow.
     (Courthouse News’ Web page is written in Verdana, a font designed for Microsoft by Matthew Carter in the 1990s. The font is converted to Times New Roman, a classic newspaper font, for display on the CNS Web page.)

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