Florida Gun Store Sued|for ‘Muslim-Free’ Policy

     (CN) – An Inverness, Fla., gun store violated the federal public accommodations law by declaring itself a “Muslim-free zone,” the Council on American-Islamic Relations claims in a lawsuit.
     In a complaint filed on Wednesday, the Sunshine State chapter of CAIR says on July 17, 2015, Florida Gun Supply, a business operated by defendant Teotwawki Investments, began advertising itself as a “Muslim-free zone” both on television and via its Facebook page.
     As such, the coalition says, Florida Gun Supply sells firearms and related goods and services to non-Muslins, but does not allow those of the Islamic faith to browse its inventory, buy its guns, or participate in shooting or gun-safety classes.
     In short, the complaint says, the retailer, discriminates against Muslins by not allowing them “to benefit from the entertainment it provides the general Non-Muslim public.”
     CAIR seeks an injunction against Florida Gun Supply, prohibiting it from discriminating against Muslims and from implementing policies or practices that discriminate or segregate people on the basis of religion.
     The coalition is represented by Michael Hanna and Bernard Mazaheri, of the Morgan & Morgan law firm of Plantation and Orlando, Fla.
     Attorney Robert Muise, of the American Freedom Law Center, which is representing the store, has dismissed the lawsuit as “absolutely bogus.”

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