Five Air Controllers Say Toxic Fumes In Tower Caused Their Illness And Firing

     JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (CN) – Five air traffic controllers at Jacksonville International Airport say they were fired after they suffered neurological, heart and lung damage after shoddy repair work was done in the air traffic control tower. They sued the companies that did the work, in Duval County Court.

     Barbara Cooper, Shawn Fields, Dan Kersh, William Tingler and Thomas Young, the former controllers, and their spouses sued Wells Global, Roof USA (Florida) and Carolina Roofing.
     They say that after the work was done they saw a “black adhesive substance oozing from the ceiling tiles and dripping on the people and furniture of the plaintiff controllers’ work space. At the same time, toxic odors permeated the air.” They claim Wells Global directed that the adhesive be used, and the other defendants did the work.
     The controllers say they were injured from the toxic fumes in their closed work space from Feb. 28 to March 9, 2007, and that all of them were fired due to the medical problems they suffered from it.
     They are represented by Lee Griffin with Pajcic & Pajcic.

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