Fish Service Wants Input|On Salmon Populations

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The National Marine Fisheries Service is requesting public input as it begins five-year reviews of the listing status of Pacific salmon and steelhead under the Endangered Species Act.

     The 5-year reviews are conducted on every species listed under the act as way to see if the initial listing decisions was appropriate, if recovery plans to improve populations have been successful, and to examine new threats that may have emerged after a previous listing decision.
     The agency will review 16 Pacific salmon populations listed in 2005 and 11 steelhead populations listed in 2006, including the main fishery populations of salmon: The Sacramento River winter-run Chinook; the Upper Columbia River spring-run Chinook; the Central California Coast and Southern Oregon/Northern California coho.
     The review of listed steelhead will include the entire Columbia River Basin the Central and South-Central California Coast and the California Central Valley populations.
     Information on population size and productivity trends, changes in population distribution and spatial location, the status and trends of threats and changes to hatchery programs that may affect population genetics and inclusion in particular population units, is of particular interest to the agency.
           Information is due by May 17.

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