Fired Staff Chief Makes Corruption Claims

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty abused his office for personal gain and fired his longtime chief of staff for objecting to it, the former county employee claims in Superior Court.
     Chris Gray sued Alameda County and Scott Haggerty in Alameda County Court, alleging discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and labor and whistleblower violations.
     Gray had been a county chief of staff since 1984, under Haggerty’s predecessor, and worked with Haggerty for 16 years, according to his complaint.
     His 28-page complaint contains a litany of corruption allegations.
     He claims that Haggerty fired him after he reported that Haggerty was double-billing the county for auto expenses.
     He claims that Haggerty “directed county resources to his personal re-election campaign,” ordering his staff “to forego their county work duties and instead perform many hours of work on Mr. Haggerty’s re-election campaign.”
     He claims that Haggerty bought a “pig trailer” for his children with county money.
     He accuses Haggerty of “misuse of his position to extort personal, interest-free loans,” from him and from others, “including individuals who engaged in business dealings with the county.”
     He accuses Haggerty of “misuse of his public position to receive kickbacks and benefits,” including abusing his office “to enhance his profits on the sales, purchases and leases of his homes.”
     “Specifically, Mr. Haggerty developed a relationship with local developer John Wong,” the complaint states. “Mr. Wong conducts large and substantial land deals with the county, which Mr. Haggerty, as county supervisor is able to influence. On some land purchases, Wong has agreed to purchase county property directly through Mr. Haggerty, with Mr. Haggerty controlling the entire negotiation independent of any other county authority. Having engaged in multiple deals with Wong, Mr. Haggerty requested Mr. Wong return the favor when he needed to sell his personal residence but was unable to sell it in the time frame or price range he desired. Upon Mr. Haggerty’s request and insistence, Mr. Wong purchased Mr. Haggerty’s personal residence immediately at Mr. Haggerty’s asking price, despite this price failing to attract any independent purchasers.”
     Gray claims that Haggerty fired him for objecting to all of the above.
     He claims that Haggerty used Oakland Coliseum tickets, provided for County PR purposes, to schmooze clients for his own trucking company.
     He claims Haggerty Other used his position as county supervisor to extort a $25,000 donation from Chevron to the Livermore Film Commission,” on which Haggerty was a board member.
     He claims Haggerty called the Alameda County Sheriffs’ Association to cover up and drop assault charges filed against him, and used his work computer to watch pornography.
     Gray seeks lost wages of $110,000 per year, plus benefits, reinstatement and damages for seven causes of action.
     He is represented by John Kitta of San Francisco and Pamela McKibben Teren of Redondo Beach.

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