FERC Pushes Smart Grid

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has released its Smart Grid Policy Statement to guide power generators, sellers and transmission owners on developing an interactive power grid to replace the nation’s aging electrical infrastructure.

     In a press release, FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghof said that the policy statement “looks at the big picture by establishing priorities for development of smart grid standards, while giving utilities that take the crucial early steps to invest in smart grid technologies needed assurance about cost recovery.”
     The new policy sets industry standards for cybersecurity, two way communications between regional power market operators, utilities, service providers and consumers. It also is to integrate power system operators so they can monitor their own systems and detect problems on connected systems that might have an impact on their operations.
     The smart grid will include consumer meters that allow power and information to flow back into the grid as more private citizens invest in solar panels and other micro generation technologies. Increased information flow is expected to lead to a more efficient system that better matches power demand with power supply.
     The policy also provides for early adopters of smart grid technologies to recover smart grid costs if they demonstrate that those costs serve to protect cybersecurity and reliability of the electric system.
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