Feds Sue Telemarketing Ring in Florida

     MIAMI (CN) – Three South Florida residents target Spanish speakers in a telemarketing fraud that sends them stuff they never ordered and don’t want and threatens to sue them unless they pay for it, federal prosecutors say.
     Lead defendants Daniel Carrasco, Federal Martin Gioja and Romina Rasso all live in Broward County and run the scam through dozens of fronts, the United States says in its federal complaint.
     They run the fraud through a boiler room in Argentina, according to the complaint.
     The complaint states: “Beginning at least as early as March 2011, defendant Carrasco and defendant Gioja, through companies they controlled: SIAL, Cargio, American Trading, Danmar, Brasan, CASNY, GZGC, and SGTV (collectively, ‘the Telemarketing Defendants’), began engaging in a mail and wire fraud scheme targeting Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States.
     “The Telemarketing Defendants used Spanish-language television commercials and cold calls to contact consumers. The Telemarketing Defendants’ sales calls originated from a phoneroom located in Argentina. The Argentinian telemarketers offered various products for sale to consumers. At times, telemarketers stated that buyers would receive a prize or a gift if they agreed to purchase a product, or stated that they were affiliated with the Spanish language television network Univision. The products consumers were offered varied, but included skin care products, vitamin supplements, medical insurance, and English-language learning software. Once a consumer agreed to purchase the product or service, he or she was sent a package via commercial interstate carriers such as the United States Postal Service, FedEx or the United Parcel Service, and was required to pay by either providing cash on delivery (‘C.O.D.’) or a money order.
     “Telemarketing Defendants sent packages to consumers with products the consumers did not order and without the prizes and gifts that had been promised. Consumers also continued receiving packages they had not ordered for which they were charged additional fees. In addition, the Telemarketing Defendants had no affiliation with Univision.
     “When a consumer refuses delivery of a package sent by the Telemarketing Defendants, they are contacted again by the Argentinian phoneroom used by the Telemarketing Defendants. The callers threaten consumers and claim that the consumers agreed to receive the products and pay for them. Many consumers pay the Telemarketing Defendants out of fear for the consequences of the threats made to them. This conduct is ongoing.”
     Uncle Sam seeks a restraining order and injunction and information from the defendants.Here are the defendants: Daniel Carrasco, Cargio Investments Inc., American Trading and Sales Corp., Danmar Investments Group, Brasan Inc., GZGC Group, Sgtv LLC, Urban Scapes 1 LLC, Giocar Investments, Federico Martin Gioja, Cargio Investments Inc., American Trading and Sales Corp., Danmar Investments Group Inc., Brasan Inc., GZGC Group Inc., Sgtv LLC, Urban Scapes 1 LLC, Giocar Investments Inc., Romina Tasso, Sial Inc. dba Natsol and Amer, Cargio Investments Inc. dba Amer, Cal, Cargo, Latam, Lpm and Giftv, American Trading and Sales Corp. dba American Labs dba American Labs, Amlab dba American Sales and Trading dba AT, Danmar Investments Group Inc., Brasan Inc. dba HHS Casny Corp., GZGC Group Inc., Sgtv LLC Urban Scapes 1 LLC, Giocar Investments Inc., Sisamax Inc., Sisamax I Inc., and Conluc Inc.

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