Feds Sue Over Ammonia Spills

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CN) – Magellan Ammonia Pipeline and two affiliates leaked almost 1.2 million lbs. of ammonia from a 1,100-mile pipeline that runs through six states, federal prosecutors say.

The United States seeks damages for the leaks in September and October 2004 in Kingman, Kan., and Blair, Neb.
The Blair leak dumped 193,000 lbs. of ammonia in and around North Creek, and the Kingman leak released 1 million lbs. area near Smoots Creek, according to the federal complaint.
Both leaks violated the Clean Water Act. Defendants, which include Enterprise Products Operating and Mid-America Pipeline, also violated the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act by failing to report the spills, Uncle Sam says.
The government seeks up to $97,500 per day for the Kingman leak, and up to $32,500 per day for the Blair leak.
The pipeline, which runs from Texas to Minnesota, provides ammonia for fertilizer and plastics production.

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