Federal Judge Legalizes Gay Marriage in Guam

     (CN) – A federal judge has struck down Guam’s ban on same-sex marriage, making the Pacific island the first U.S. territory to recognize gay marriage.
     U.S. District Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood struck down the ban as unconstitutional during summary judgment proceedings in a suit brought against the island’s governor and vital statistics registrar by a lesbian couple seeking to marry.
     Kathleen Aguero and Loretta Pangelinan argued that since the Ninth Circuit – which has jurisdiction over Guam – had struck down same-sex marriage bans as “illogical, unjust, counterproductive and unconstitutional,” the mandate effectively legalized same-sex marriage circuitwide.
     Tydingco-Gatewood agreed, issuing an oral decision striking down Guam’s ban on Thursday. A written opinion is expected on Monday.
     Aguero and Pangelinan, who have been together for nine years, plan to marry on June 20.

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