Federal Election Commission Spots Trump Campaign Fund Errors

By Brandi Buchman

WASHINGTON (CN) – President-elect Donald Trump received a formal request from the Federal Election Commission to address his latest financial filing, which contained over 1,000 campaign contribution errors totaling $1.3 million.

The request is fairly standard, and similar letters were filed during the on-boarding process for President Barack Obama.

Addressed to Timothy Jost, the treasurer of Trump’s presidential campaign, the agency alerted Trump’s team that the “report discloses one or more contributions from an organization which is not a political committee registered with the [FEC].”

One such organization, the Conservative Action Fund and Manufacturer and Business Association Political Action Committee, donated in excess of the $2,700 limit, according to the FEC.

“In order for your committee to accept contributions from unregistered organizations, your committee should take steps to ensure that the contributor used permissible funds to make the contribution,” the letter urges.

Although “multicandidate committees” can donate larger amounts, the letter points out that the Conservative Action Fund and Manufacturer and Business Association Political Action Committee did not qualify as such a committee.

Multicandidate committees must raise money for five or more candidates, receive contributions from at least 51 people and have been registered with the FEC for six months or more.

Other unregistered organizations and committees – including more not approved for multicandidate status – as well as individual donors, filled 35 pages following the commission’s six-page letter.

Contributions in question include funds received from the Republican Women of Newton County, Jerry Tillman for North Carolina Senate, the Pittsburgh Sustainability Political Action Committee, Interdigital Inc. Political Action Committee and several individuals who exceeded the financial donor limits.

A representative from the campaign was unable to be reached for comment by phone.

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