Farmers Branch Enacted Another Racist|Housing Law, Landlords Tell Federal Court

     DALLAS (CN) – Despite repeated injunctions against it, the City of Farmers Branch enacted another racist housing law intended to drive Hispanic residents out of town, three apartment businesses and a businesswoman claim in Federal Court. They say Ordinance 2952 illegally threatens landlords with criminal prosecution if they do not include unconstitutional provisions in rental agreements, and if they do not evict peaceable tenants.

     Plaintiffs want Farmers Branch Ordinance 2952 enjoined as unconstitutional; Ordinances 2892, 2903 and 2952 enjoined as enacted for the illegal purpose of discriminating against Hispanics; a permanent injunction ordering the city and its officials to stop doing this; and monetary damages.
     Plaintiffs say the city’s unconstitutional, racist crusade is the brainchild of its mayor and complaisant City Council.
     Plaintiffs are the Villas at Parkside Partners dba Villas at Parkside, Lakeview at Parkside Partners Ltd., Chateau Ritz Partners, and Mary Smith.
     Plaintiffs are represented by William Brewer III.

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