Expelled From Yeshiva Over Fictitious Sexting

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CN) – Sexting fabrications caused a New Yorker to flee to Virginia when her private Jewish high school expelled her, she says in Federal Court.
Identifying herself only with initials in the May 27 complaint, G.S. says Lev Bais Yaakov High School expelled her in 2013 without an investigation.
“In actual fact, there was no naked picture, and G. S. had never sent a naked picture of herself to any such boy, or anyone else. The entire story was false,” the complaint states.
G.S. says the East Midwood yeshiva nevertheless sent out emails to several parents alerting them to a “very serious” problem with her “reputation.”
Even if G.S. had sent the picture in question, the Nostrand Avenue yeshiva “should have worked to help the plaintiff and educate her, gently instructing her of the errors of her ways and the problems she was creating for herself, rather than expelling her from the school and excising her from the sphere of their responsibility like an excised tumor,” the nine-page action states.
“Holding themselves out as educators committed to the maxim of loving one’s neighbor as oneself, and of each member of the community being responsible for one another, the defendants’ actions are abhorrent and indefensible,” G.S. adds.
G.S. says she “had no choice but to move to Virginia and attend … a far inferior school there that at least would accept her after the stigma placed upon her in New York.”
The religious boarding school G.S. now attends in Virginia caters to “girls who have behavioral issues,” according to the complaint.
G.S. says she now lives with the “stigma of having been branded an untouchable in her tightknit community.”
It was the mother of a classmate who told the principal that G.S. had sent her son a naked selfie, according to the complaint.
G.S. says her parents met with the principal and the school’s executive director, a rabbi, about the allegations on Dec. 4, 2013.
When this pair refused to let the couple see the supposed photograph of G.S., they learned that nobody in the school administration had seen the image, according to the complaint.
G.S. says the school eventually admitted that it never conducted an investigation, and it “refused to identify the boy or the mother who had allegedly called.”
“After the expulsion, the defendants stated that they ‘did not remember’ who the mother was who called in the allegation,” the complaint states.
Representatives for the congregation and school have not returned requests for comment.
G.S. seeks damages for negligence and defamation.
She is represented by Robert Tolchin.

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