Ex-Viking’s Wife Sued|Over Fatal Car Wreck

     MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – The wife of former Minnesota Vikings tight end Joe Senser is accused, in a civil lawsuit, of killing a man in a hit-and-run accident with her Mercedes SUV.
     Soukasavanh Phanthavong sued Amy and Joe Senser in Hennepin County Court, as next of kin to the late Anouson Phanthavong.
     Amy Senser allegedly ran over Anouson Phanthavong at about 11 p.m. on Aug. 23 after he ran out of gas on Interstate 94 and stood on the shoulder of a freeway ramp in Minneapolis, pouring gas into the tank.
     The Phanthavong family says Anouson “was standing alongside of his vehicle and was in the process of adding fuel to his vehicle when he was struck by a gold 2009 Mercedes ML 350 owned by defendant Joseph Michael Senser and operated by defendant Amy Margaret Senser.”
     They say Amy Senser “fled the scene” after running over Anouson.
     The family says the fatal accident was “a direct result of defendant Amy Margaret Senser’s negligent failure to maintain control over the vehicle, failure to maintain an adequate lookout, operation of said vehicle at a speed too fast for the conditions and as a result of other acts of negligence which will be proven at trial.”
     The family seeks more than $50,000 for negligence and wrongful death.
     They are represented by James Schwebel with Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben.
     Joe Senser played for the Vikings for 5 years, from 1980-84. He worked as a radio announcer for the Vikings Radio Network for 8 years and now runs a chain of four sports bars and restaurants.

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