EU Sues Germany Over Airport-Security Risks

     (CN) – The European Commission sued Germany for inadequate monitoring of airport security controls as required by EU law.
     Regulators filed the suit in the European Court of Justice on Thursday as part of their monthly infringement package against various EU member states.
     According to the commission, the suit involves the failure of German transportation officials to regularly monitor security measures already in place at the nation’s airports. Such monitoring is required by EU law.
     The commission said that at various stages of its investigation it also warned Germany to bring its inspections into line, but failed to do so. Transportation officials are therefore unable to quickly spot and correct potential airport-security shortcomings, the regulatory agency said.
     Commissioners stressed that the lawsuit “by no means implies that German airports did not take adequate security measures,” and deals only with internal mechanisms that should be in place to ensure airport safety.
     A commission representative said the investigation and lawsuit have nothing to do with the recent crash of a Germanwings flight, which French prosecutors believe was deliberately brought down by the plane’s co-pilot.

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