EU Puts an End to Mobile Roaming Fees

(CN) – The Council of the European Union on Tuesday put the final nail in the coffin of mobile roaming fees, allowing EU residents traveling to other member states to use their cellphones at the same rate they pay at home starting in June.

On Tuesday, the council passed the final piece of legislation to end roaming charges: a cap on how much cellular operators can charge each other to allow roaming across Europe. “Roam like at home” applies only to EU residents traveling to other member states, though the council said it will be introduced in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway shortly after the June 15 rollout.

EU lawmakers began their bid to abolish roaming charges in 2015 as part of its bid to create a single digital market across Europe, which will eventually end the patchwork of 28 member states’ rules on digital services.

The European Parliament signed off on the wholesale roaming cap earlier this month.

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