EU Ministers Back Iran Deal Trump Dislikes

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union foreign ministers have reaffirmed their support for the Iran nuclear agreement, which U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has branded the “worst deal in the world” and vowed to renegotiate.

The ministers say Monday that “the European Union reiterates its resolute commitment” to the plan that EU heavyweights Britain, France and Germany, along with the U.S., China and Russia, agreed upon with Iran.

It includes lifting “nuclear related economic and financial sanctions and engaging with the private sector and economic operators, especially banks, to promote growth in trade and investment.”

While campaigning, Trump called the pact agreed last year a “lopsided disgrace” and railed against its time-limited restrictions on Iran’s enrichment of uranium and other nuclear activity. But Trump’s exact plans are vague, and renegotiating a deal Iran is already happy with would be difficult.

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