EU Finds Range of Per Capita Wealth Wihin 27

     Members of the European Union are showing stark differences in per capita wealth with Ireland and the Scandinavian countries coming out ahead of the pack, while Bulgaria and Romania lagged well behind the European average, according to a study released last week by the union’s statistical agency.

     Europeans have traditionally kept close tabs on the range of individual wealth within nations, where a relatively narrow range prevails in comparison with the United States.
     That statistical and social concern is now carried over to the range in per capita GDP among nations of the EU.
     Ireland and Holland came out well above the rest of the nations with per-capita wealth running at 140% and 135% of the EU average. They were closely followed by Sweden, Denmark, UK, Finland and Germany.
Clumped right around the EU average were France, Spain Italy and Greece with the latter drifting below the line of average.
Ranging towards at the bottom of the comparision were the old Eastern Block nations of Hungary, Lithuania and Poland. And running dead last were Romania and Bulgaria at less than half the EU average.

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