EPA Proposes Asphalt Standards

     WASHINGTON (CN) – In response to a court-ordered deadline in a suit brought by the Sierra Club, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed emission standards for asphalt processing operations and roofing product manufacturing operations that use asphalt.
The standards would codify emissions limits that use of the “generally available control technology” can bring about. The proposed standards apply to existing and new manufacturing facilities.
     For asphalt processing, the proposed standards would limit polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emissions to 0.003 lb/ton of asphalt charged to the asphalt refining operation. Roof product manufacturing operations will have a particulate matter emissions limit of 1.2 lb/ton of asphalt emitted from the asphalt roof product manufacturing facilities.
     The proposed standards would require most plants to install fiber-bed filters, high efficiency air filters or, in some of cases, thermal oxidizers to remove particulate matter from the exhaust stream.
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