Interior Secretary Ken Salazar refuses to protect 31 species of threatened or endangered foreign birds, the Center for Biological Diversity claims in San Francisco Federal Court. The Secretary admits he should protect 25 of the species, but has not.
     The species at issue include the Junin flightless grebe, the greater adjutant stork, the blue-billed curassow, the slender billed curlew, the salmon-created cockatoo, the cherry throated tanager, the black-hooded antwren and the ash-breasted tit tyrant. Some of the birds are threatened by trading.
     Two people demand the U.S. EPA and the City of St. Petersburg enforce water quality standards and restore the Clam Bayou estuary, in Tampa Federal Court.
     Northern California River Watch claims Golden Technology Co., Pacific Indemnity Co., Arnold Carston, Larry Carrillo, and Francine Clayton illegally store, transport and dispose of hazardous waste, polluting the air and groundwater, in San Francisco Federal Court.

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