The USA and Indiana demand that Countrymark Cooperative pay for a 2003 oil spill from its 238-mile, tri-state oil line that polluted the Wabash River, in Indianapolis Federal Court.

     The USA and Missouri demand that Childress Royalty Co. and Acme Land Co. pay to clean up the Oronogo/Duenweg Mining Belt Superfund Site in Jasper, in Joplin Federal Court.
     The USA sued First Chemical Corp. for a 2003 explosion that polluted the air with mononitrotoluene, in Gulfport, Miss., Federal Court.
     The USA claims NSB Niederelbe Schifahrtsgessellschaft MBH dumped 523 barrels of oil in and around the Savannah River in July 2006, in Savannah, Ga., Federal Court.
     The USA and Louisville claim D.D. Williamson polluted the air with ammonia from its caramel color manufacturing facility, in a complaint reaching back to 1997, in Louisville Federal Court.

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