While drunk, Cox Radio “personality” Jack Barnes broke a woman’s nose by throwing a T-shirt wrapped around a shot glass into the crowd at an event sponsored by Cox’s The New 93Q Country, she claims in Harris County Court, Houston.

     Tama Broadcasting, of Tampa, owes it $39 million on a loan, the DB Zwirn Special Opportunities Fund claims in New York County Court.
     Gottlieb Development claims Paramount Pictures used its “Silver Slugger” design and trademark without permission in the film, “What Women Want,” in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Francine Nadon claims Sphere Media Plus swiped her dramatic work, “Genre Sorcieres – Marianne et Rosie,” for its TV series, “Providence,” in Montreal Superior Court.
     Rigoberto Rodriguez claims Camajan-Envidia Records violated copyright on his tune, “Rico Son,” in Miami Federal Court.

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