Mustafa Abuelhija claims he is David Chapelle’s former personal manager, and that Chapelle owes him 10% of the profits from a movie and from seasons two through four of Chapelle’s TV show, in Manhattan Federal Court.

     William Haper pka “Baby Drama” claims William Smith dba Baldwin Entertainment defrauded him of $50,000 by promising to produce his hip-hop album and make him a star, in Davidson County Court, Nashville.
     Saria Enterprise demands $575,000 from Wade Gibbs and Project 50K in Philadelphia state court, claiming they breached a contract to stage an “Ultimate Experience” concert in Las Vegas.
     Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. claim PullMyLink.com is a “one-stop shop” that sells pirated motion pictures, in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Morris Sheffield claims Disney stole the idea for the “Hannah Montana” series from his proposed TV series called “Rock and Roland,” in Los Angeles Federal Court.

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