Take Two Interactive Software and Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto IV” violates copyright on two tunes – “Bullet Proof Skin” and “Last Night,” – Linton White claims in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Wooden O Films breached contract and converted $400,000 that it was supposed to use to finance a movie called “Sweet Flame,” Sweet Flame LLC and John P. Adams claim in Los Angeles Superior Court. They also sue AV Bar Reg. Inc., AV Bar Trust, Christopher Love Blackwell, Richard Arthur Schulenberg, and Keith Johnson.
     Natixis demands $1 million from Gold Circle in a dispute over a loan for a movie called “Whisper,” in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Blue Angel Films and Miromar (sic) Entertainment claim First Look Studios owes $213,000 on a video distribution agreement, in Manhattan Federal Court.

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