Global Agency and Luftu Murat Uckardesler, of Turkey, claim NBC Universal and Ryan Seacrest Productions violated their “Perfect Bride” trademark in ads for a “reality” TV show, “Momma’s Boy.” The plaintiffs object to the use of the phrase “perfect bride,” in ads for “Momma’s Boy,” in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Brian Dewan claims Blue Man Productions and others owe him $30,000 for musical works used in a German production of “Blue Man Group,” in New York County Court.
     On Da Ball Productions claims SMG Holdings and American Capital refused them the use of a rented hall two days before a hip-hop concert, claiming ticket sales would not cover expenses. Demanding damages for breach of contract are Keith D. Cruise, Tommie J. Mincey Jr., Mario Johnson, Eddie Wells, On Da Ball, in Duval County Court, Fla.

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