Universal Studios filed an anticipatory breach of contract claim against Tiscalia Italia, which allegedly plans to shut down its video-on-demand service in Italy, in Los Angeles Federal Court.

     Dominion+TV Pty. Ltd., and Dream LLC claim Mill Creek Entertainment is selling the 1983 movie “BMX Bandits” without permission in two “Family” packs of 50 and 100 movie DVDs, in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Arnold Preston claims BET Productions owes him $130,000 for his work as executive producer of the TV show, “Sunday Best,” in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     The trustee for the bankruptcy estate of Todd Entertainment LLC sued Joshua Leroy Todd and Buckcherry Worldwide over rights to Todd’s work, name, likeness and merchandising rights, in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     The Jumpitz Corp. claims Viacom and MTV violate its “Jumpitz” trademark by using the “Jumparounds” trademark to promote and distribute a similar cable TV show, in San Diego Federal Court.
     Carrie Simmons claims Daniel Goodsit booked musicians to play on her album who were so poor the session was unusable. Named as defendants in Atlanta Federal Court are Daniel Goodsitt dba Dan Goodsitt Production, Joseph Morse pka Micah aka Micah’s House, No Image Just Music Entertainment, Justin Arroyo, Floatingcode Multimedia, and Wyo Services Holdings.

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