Engineer Says Medtronic Fired Him For|Refusing To Write False Report After Recall

     SANTA ROSA, Calif. (CN) – An engineer claims Medtronic fired him on trumped-up charges because he refused orders to write a “false report” about a recalled medical product, the “Pioneer Catheter.”

Cyrus Vaghti says the device was recalled on Nov. 1, 2006, after he had found “four significant failures” in it.
     He claims that after the recall, his supervisor ordered him to write up a report “and specifically ordered plaintiff not to mention the failures.”
     Vaghti says he refused to “write the false report asked of him,” and that his boss told him that this refusal was “insubordination.”
     He says he was asked to resign, refused, was placed on probation, then fired. He demands damages for fraud, wrongful firing and whistleblower retaliation, in Sonoma County Court.

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