A class-action complaint accuses the Manufacturer’s Industrial Group of violating the ADA by giving applicants a nerve conduction test and refusing to hire them if MIG believes they are susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, in Jackson, Tenn., Federal Court. See complaint.

     A class-action ERISA complains accuses Citigroup of imprudently investing employees’ 401(k) assets in Citigroup stock, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     High-Tech Institute conducted a mass layoff without the legally required 60 days notice, according to a class-action complaint in Jacksonville Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: The Pantry Inc., in Birmingham, Ala., Federal Court; Centerplate Inc. fka Volume Services, in Alameda County Court, Oakland; Autozone, in Multnomah County Court, Ore.; First Corporate Sedans, in Manhattan Federal Court; ING Bank, in Delaware Federal Court; and The Ryan Co. and Golden State Utility Co., in a single complaint in Monterey County Court, Calif.

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