Newspaper delivery workers sued Lee Publications and the North County Times in a class action in San Diego Superior Court, Vista, claiming the newspaper misclassifies them as independent contractors to avoid paying them overtime and to duck other obligations of the Labor Code.

     A secretary claims Washington Tru Solutions fired her for her truthful complaints that her boss, human resources officer Steven Castro, confined her in his office while he masturbated to ejaculation, and otherwise sexually harassed her, in Santa Fe County Court, N.M.
     Sprint Nextel cost its employees “tens of millions of dollars” by imprudently putting their retirement money into Sprint Nextel stock, worker claim in a class action in Kansas City, Kan., Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Bank of America, in San Jose Federal Court; Alpha Co. and Niemann Properties, Bare Escentuals, Swissport USA, and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, in Los Angeles Superior Court; Fleetwood Management Group, in DC Superior Court; A Warehouse On Wheels, in Chicago Federal Court; Patacsil Home Care, in San Joaquin County Court, Calif.; and JM Engineers, in Miami Federal Court.

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