Verizon supervisor Robert Anson, a white man, put a noose around a black worker’s neck, and Verizon fired another black worker who reported it, the first man claims in Richmond, Va., City Court.

     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Anthem, Wellpoint and Blue Cross, in a single complaint in Ventura County Court, Calif.; The Sleep Train, in Orange County Court, Calif.; Abraxis Bioscience and American Pharmaceutical Partner, in Los Angeles Superior Court; Costello’s Tree Service, in San Jose Federal Court; Ptex Corp., in Houston Federal Court; Stonebrook Healthcare Center, in Contra Costa County Court, Calif.; Carpet Solutions, and Acosta Inc., in Fort Myers, Fla., Federal Court; Coverclean, in Ocala, Fla., Federal Court; and Leading Edge Logistics, in Orlando Federal Court.

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