Employees of Administaff, of Houston, and Conn-X, of Edgewood, Md., shot a co-worker in the eye with a BB gun and taped swastikas to his car because he’s Jewish, and subjected another Jewish worker to harassment too, the EEOC claims in Baltimore Federal Court.

     Brett Bohl claims Newpros Communications and Alan Dyer fired him for refusing their orders not to interview qualified black job applicants, in Delaware County Court, Del.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: eBay, in Santa Clara County Court; Comerica Bank, Century National Insurance Co., Norco Delivery Service, General Petroleum Corp., Total Transportation Services and Source One Staffing, and Bodega Latina Corp. dba El Super, in Los Angeles Superior Court; Les Schwab Tire Center of California, in Butte County Court; Commerce Energy dba Just Energy, for discriminating against women, in Cuyahoga County Court, Cleveland; GCA Services Group, in Memphis Federal Court; Wilcox Funeral Home, in Jackson, Miss., Federal Court; Manheim Orlando, in Orlando Federal Court; and American Mortgage Consultants, in Tampa Federal Court.
(Companies not separated by commas are defendants in the same case.)

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