Employer of the Week

     CLEVELAND (CN) – After a bogus jobseeker used an interview to sexually assault a staffing agency’s manager, the company told her not to file a worker’s comp claim because “it was trying to lower its premiums,” the former manager claims in court.
     A.M. sued Shamrock Staffing, of Bedford, in Cuyahoga County Court. She says she worked for Shamrock from 2010 to 2012, first as a receptionist, then as office manager.
     “On or around October 24, 2011, plaintiff, who was at defendant’s office by herself, was physically and sexually assaulted at work by a man who entered defendant’s office as posed as a potential employee to be placed by defendant company,” she complaint states.
     A.M. says she went to the hospital and her manager, Colleen Brundege, told her “that defendant would pay for plaintiff’s medical bills relating to the attack, and that plaintiff should not file a worker’s compensation claim.”
     Brundege is not named as a defendant.
     The complaint continues: “Ms. Brundege also stated to plaintiff that defendant company did not want another worker’s compensation case because it was trying to lower its premiums.
     “Per Ms. Brundege’s instructions, plaintiff did not file a worker’s claim against defendant while she was employed there. Instead, as instructed, plaintiff faxed her assault-related medical bills to Michael Cole, defendant’s chief financial officer, on two separate occasions. Plaintiff also followed up with Ms. Brundege regarding these unpaid bills on approximately three to four separate occasions. Defendant never paid these bills as promised.
     Cole is named as a defendant.
     A.M. claims she was fired 3 weeks after asking Cole, for a second time, to pay her hospital bill.
     She seeks back pay, front pay, costs, and $25,000 in damages for wrongful termination.
     She is represented by David Steiner with the Lazzaro Law Firm.

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