Dubai Islamic Bank Tortured Him, VP Says

     MIAMI (CN) – The Dubai Islamic Bank abducted and tortured a bank vice president on baseless allegations, primarily because he was a foreigner, the native of Pakistan claims in Federal Court. The banker sued under the Alien Tort Claims Act, claiming his treatment exposes the seamy side of the allegedly progressive emirate’s treatment of the foreigners it depends upon to do its work.

     Plaintiff Rafatul Islam Usmani Imtiaz Ahmed also sues the bank’s senior vice president Obaid Omran Ali Al Shamsi, and Dubai government employee Mohammed Hassan Al Marzouki.
     The complaint states: “Defendants, through their agents, detained Plaintiff, subjected him to forced interrogation over a period of days, ransacked his home, confiscated his personal property, and physically assaulted him and his family members. During his interrogation, Defendants intentionally denied Mr. Usmani access to his family and attorneys, tortured him to the point that he ‘confessed’ to unknown criminal acts, and deprived him of medical treatment”.
     It continues: “While the media focuses on the glitz and glamour of Dubai and the other Emirates, it often ignores a less attractive reality. In the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’), 85% of the population and 99% of the work force is comprised of foreigners. The UAE, in general, and Dubai, in particularly, regularly engage in and permit companies and their agents to abuse, through discrimination and other means, their workers in direct breach of international standards. … When people speak up and demand their rights, they are, as in this case, taught a lesson, for ‘go[ing] against the traditions of the Emirati people.'” (Brackets in complaint.)
     Usmani is represented by Michael Diaz Jr. with Diaz Reus & Targ.

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